There’s an enormous amount of information available on the Web about airlines and aviation. This web site concentrates on two things: schedules, fares, reservations, and tickets for commercial airlines, and on-line travel agents. We list both airline-sponsored and independent information.

The first parts of this web site discuss on-line sources of airline schedules and fares, of which there are several general-purpose services.

After that it lists airlines that have any of online schedules, fares, reservations, ticket sales, and flight status.

Next comes a listing of on-line specials, sources of special fares and other deals available over the net. Many airlines have short-notice specials which are worth checking out.

The rest of the web site lists travel agents that offer service over the net and have indicated that they’d like to be listed. I am not a travel agent (I consult and write computer books which you can find out about here, and the agent listings are provided free to any agent that asks and sends in a short description of what he or she offers.

Where is this web site’s information available?

It’s on the web at Airline Information. There are, unfortunately, a certain number of out of date copies of this site floating around the net;

I have been through my fair share of United Clubs. I have been a Star Alliance Gold member for years, and like many of you, I am inherently familiar with Goldfish crackers, Tillamook cheese, and yogurt (or chocolate) covered pretzels/raisins. I have had my binge sessions while waiting out a delayed flight snacking on those things while powering my devices.

Considering that an annual club membership could run you as much as $500 a year, the meager snack offerings don’t seem all that great. Those days are now going to be history. United has decided to follow the feedback of their guests, and also a similar trend among their competitors, to offer something a little bit more substantial, even palatable.


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